C2 Overland


Build the Right Rig

The sky is filled with so many stars, and so is the endless supply of things you can purchase for the Overlanding rig. The first couple of things one should consider are, where you plan to go and what your budget is. With these two questions answered, you can start to figure out what you need, want, and what will fit inside your rig. The good news for most of us is we have lots of room inside our 4Runner, Jeep, or Sprinter, though it doesn’t need to be completely filled with gear. So, you are ready to start. You have seen so many pictures on IG and videos on YouTube that inspired you. For the mild off-roading individual, suspension, wheel, and tires are always an excellent start.


Suspension is important as it helps keep your ride comfortable and, in many cases, can provide extra height and ground clearance.

  • Shock Upgrades
  • Coil Upgrades
  • Strut Upgrades
  • Adding a Lift
  • Adding Spacers


All-terrain or (AT) or Mud Terrain (MT) or general street tire, what is the best option for you when this presents itself as an option for your rig?

  • Street Tires
  • All Terrain
  • Mud Terrain


You are in the ditch, rut, sandy side. What is the best process for getting out?

  • Go Trends Vehicle Traction Mat
  • Recovery Boards
  • Rocks from the Nearby Landscape
  • Branches and Other Debris
  • Winch and Your Buddies


Brighten your day or the trail with onboard lighting.

  • Trail Lights for Driving
  • Under Vehicle Lighting
  • Camp Lighting on your Rig for Getting Stuff Done at Camp
  • Exterior Placed Stationary Lighting
  • Cabin Lighting for Late Nights or Sleeping in the Rig

C2 Tactical Overland